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mumi & bubi solids starter kit baby food freezer trays

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mumi & bubi solids starter kit baby food freezer trays
mumi & bubi solids starter kit baby food freezer trays
mumi & bubi solids starter kit baby food freezer trays mumi & bubi solids starter kit baby food freezer trays
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It's now quick and easy to give your baby healthy, homemade baby food, thanks to the Solids Starter Kit™ baby food freezer trays. These smart trays let you freeze big batches of homemade baby food in ready-to-use portions. So you can keep up with your baby's growing appetite, without spending ages in the kitchen.

High capacity saves time

The huge 1.2 litre capacity of these trays means you can freeze big batches of homemade baby food at once, saving you time in the kitchen. Just half an hour of cooking per week is all it takes. And the unique, compact design takes up surprisingly little room in your freezer.

Perfect portion sizes

With 42 one ounce portions, you'll find it easy to satisfy your baby's growing appetite. When they start to eat more, simply slide out extra cubes. You can even combine different flavours or food cubes to create exciting meals for your baby. The Solids Starter Kit™ also makes life simple for mothers returning to work, because you can easily instruct your baby's caregiver on how much to feed them.

Snug fit lids prevent mess

Each baby food freezer tray comes with a snug-fitting lid to prevent spills and freezer burn. And their unique, stackable design makes them really easy to carry (even one-handed!) and store compactly, because they don't slide around like other trays.

Easy-out cubes

If you've ever used ice cube trays for freezing baby food, you'll know how hard it is to remove one cube at a time. 
The Solids Starter Kit™ totally eliminates this problem. 
A rounded shape makes the cubes easy to remove one-by-one. Simply push down on one end of the cube and it slides right out the other end. If the cube is stuck, just run a little warm water over the back to release it.

Simple to clean

The rounded portions mean there are no tricky corners to wipe out, which makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, they're top-shelf dishwasher safe, making life even easier for busy Mums.

Certified non-toxic

These baby food freezer trays are made in New Zealand under strict quality control from certified non-toxic material. They're free from BPA, phthalates and other chemicals normally found in other plastics so you can be sure you aren't exposing your baby to any harmful substances.

So many different uses...

Although the Solids Starter Kit™ was designed for freezing baby food, they have lots of other uses as well. They're great for storing expressed breast milk, or freezing meals for older babies. And when your baby is a little older, your trays will stilll be useful for freezing ice-blocks, smoothie treats, soup stocks, craft storage and more.

Solids Starter Kit™ baby food freezing trays

Each Solids Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 premium baby food freezer trays
  • 2 snug fit lids - one for each tray
  • Step-by-step baby food recipe e-book

  NZ made!

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